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The information shown here is intentionally limited. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about any of my work.

Mini Case Study

04/2018 — 06/2018

Redesigning Tech for Campaigns’ website for better conversion

Responsive website

Web design

Visual design

Motion design


Tech for Campaigns is a non-profit organization that acts as the digital arm for progressive campaigns. It recruits volunteers, meets with campaigns to assess their digital needs, and coordinates projects in key races.

The existing website lacked a strong visual identity and its content was outdated - we wanted to properly showcase the impact they had had over the last couple years. The goal was to convert more volunteers, as well as to give campaigns a place to go to see how Tech for Campaigns could help them.


I was the sole designer working with a team lead, content expert, front-end engineer, and back-end engineer.


3 months


Responsive website

Team and process

The design process was centered around showcasing content, both old and new.

1. Kickoff

We learned about the goals and context around the website, as well as the organization as a whole. We needed the site to feel true to their mission and brand.

2. Sitemap and architecture

To start, we mapped out the main structure of the website and how all the sections would connect. This went hand-in-hand with developing groupings of content.

3. Wireframes and content

We focused first on getting an idea of the content - what would be the most important idea to convey in each part of the site, how we would convert users - and roughly where it would go and how much emphasis it would receive.

4. Visual concepts and design

We developed several visual directions that aligned with the organization's mission and goals. We ended up combining some of our favorite ideas from two of them into the final product.

5. Development

We worked in several rounds of design and development, with the first round taking care of many of the new stylistic elements. We also worked to get the existing UI elements consistent with the new site.

The main goal: inform new visitors of the mission and increase conversions.


We launched the site and immediately saw increased volunteer signups. The TFC team also now has the proper space to showcase their ongoing work and press coverage, so that both campaigns and volunteers understand the impact they have.

Ah, NDAs – I've signed them, so the information shown here is limited. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about any of my work.

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