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The information shown here is intentionally limited. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about any of my work.

Mini Case Study

07/2018 – 08/2018

Rebuilding a website for first-time candidate Tracye Polson

Responsive website

Web design

Visual design

About the project

Tech for Campaigns is "the digital arm for progressive and centrist campaigns," organizing teams of tech volunteers across the U.S. to help state-level campaigns. I volunteered to help Tracye Polson, a mental health professional running to flip the Florida House's 15th District.

One thing we heard in the project kickoff was that voters really liked Tracye on a personal level – she had a bright personality and a positive message, and people connected with her as a result. The campaign team was open to trying out new visual styles but already had a red, white, and blue logo in wide use.

We also had a short timeline and a Tech for Campaigns-prepped Wordpress site to customize, which further narrowed down the decisions we had to make.

With these constraints in mind, I experimented and eventually added a bright yellow to the usual palette of red, white, and blue to emphasize the candidate's personality and message. We also focused on relaying her platform clearly and succinctly, with an easy-to-read layout and hierarchy.

Team and process

The team was composed of a team lead, marketing manager/copywriter, front-end developer, and me, the UX/UI designer. We worked in our spare time over 4 weeks to pitch a design direction, develop content, flesh out the details, get signoff, and implement the final site.


Polson lost by just 1,211 votes – 1.8% – on Election Day 2018, but I was still truly happy to have helped. I believe that merely by running a campaign in this competitive district, Polson started a crucial conversation and held her opponent more accountable.

Tracye Polson for Jacksonville website

Ah, NDAs – I've signed them, so the information shown here is limited. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about any of my work.

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